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"I was lucky enough to have fished with Hannah for two days in Janurary, she is fun, knowledgeable, she can see fish that even when she is pointing straight at them you can't see, but above all she is patient, this was put to the test during a hatch that resulted in large browns rising everywhere and despite her best efforts I managed to hook none of them! 


The day ended well with 3 large Browns, on top of the 3 Rainbows the previous day. She had me casting to sighted fish constantly over the 2 days and as a occasional fly fisher (I hadn't cast a fly for 3 years) I wished I had spent some time practising beforehand as I would have landed many more. I have fished with guides all over the world and I would rate her one of the best, you won't be disappointed booking a trip with Hannah."

- Greg and Syd

"In 2020, just prior to the worldwide Covid shutdown, my wife and I had the fly fisherman’s trip of a lifetime, four weeks in New Zealand. Fishing both the north and south islands and having five different guides, Hannah was clearly the best. She was everything you would want in a guide: knowledgeable, hard working, excellent at spotting fish and positioning me to make successful cast. She did an excellent job of instructing me in the proper ways to make presentations to beautiful rainbow and brown trout. And above all, she was a pleasure to spend days with on the rivers of the south island.


The New Zealand lockdown has caused us to cancel our planned 2021 returned trip, but when we do return, I hope to be able to exclusively hire Hannah as our guide."

- Clarke

"We expected a lot when we booked Hannah as a guide for two days in February 2020, and she provided quality guiding.

Under difficult weather conditions she found the fish. She guided me to the biggest fish I have ever caught in NZ - 10.3lb!

Hannah will from now on be my regular guide on all of my future trips to NZ….. end of discussion."

- Jon Erling, Norway

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the awesome fly fishing trip. As I was only a beginner fly fisho (Still am a beginner), I really needed some assistance to get onto some fish and right from the start, I felt like I was in great hands. Your knowledge, equipment, personality and even your cooking was unbelievable the whole trip. I was so happy catching a good number of Brown Trout over 2 days and when the borders open up, I will be back for some more fishing with you."

 - Robert Gorseski

"Go fishing with Hannah! My teenage daughter and I had two amazing days with Hannah. She found just the right water for us and put us on fish early and often.  Gear, transportation and lunch were all top notch. Her knowledge is exceeded only by her hospitality, both of which made for unforgettable days on the water.  She's a pro, can't wait to get back and do it again. Thanks Hannah!"

 - Geoff Herbert

"I recently fished 4 consecutive days with Hannah Clement in the Motueka Valley while I was staying in the South Island. Hannah was hands down the best flyfishing guide that I’ve ever had the privilege of sharing a river with. She was INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, hard-working, energetic and personable. Within minutes of riding in Hannah’s truck, I felt as though I was re-connecting with a lifelong friend. She was so easy to talk to and fun to hang out with.


Before our time fishing together, Hannah had spent an entire day hiking through various rivers to scout out where big browns would be lurking. And my goodness, could Hannah spot fish!!!!! She would see trout that I would swear didn’t exist and as soon as I’d land a fly on the water where Hannah instructed me, WHAM! It was “fish on” every time. She was incredible, and I’d absolutely recommend her to any fisherman, whether novice or expert."

 - Greg Beloff

"Hann is an excellent guide. She guided my dad and I on some incredible waters in remote areas of the South Island. We couldn't have landed (or probably even spotted) our fish without Hannahs keen skills. Thanks Hannah for the incredible experience and the epic camping food!"

 - Matt

We had 2 great days fishing with Hannah Last season. She was fantastic, knowledgeable and made sure all three of us got into some great fish.Our Party was made up of  fishing folk with varying levels of skill and she assisted and imparted knowledge to all of us. It ticked all the Boxes, we had a great day chasing some feisty rainbows and  one day targeting large browns. We all came away with good fish, some of us losing bigger fish due to inexperience. Hannah was professional and gave us great guidance and did an awesome job of finding fish and coaching us through the whole process. I landed up with a PB Brown, as did the other 2 who were fishing with us. All in all a great 2 days  were had by all.

 - Mark